Natural language processing (NLP) describes the interaction between human language and computers. Human language is different than what computers understands. Computers understand machine language or we can say the binary codes. Computers don’t speak or understand human language unless they are programmed to do so. And that’s where NLP comes into picture.

How does natural language processing works?

There are two main techniques used with NLP , the first one is syntax analysis and the second one is semantic analysis. Syntax is the structure or form of expressions, statements, and program units. Syntax can be used for assessing meaning from a language supported grammatical rules. …

How about drawing graphs and trees programmatically ?

Yes, that’s what we are going to learn in this post today. This post is for beginner’s who are very much interested in visualizations. So, today we’ll be attempting to draw the above recursion tree programmatically with pydot. But before that, we need to have some basic information:

i) pydot:

  1. which is an interface to Graphviz,
  2. can parse and dump into the DOT language used by GraphViz,
  3. is written in pure Python, etc.

ii) Graph: It is a non-linear data structure consisting of nodes and edges. The nodes are sometimes also referred…

Milan Thapa

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